I am an evolutionary biologist and science educator. I manage the Science Research Mentoring Program at the American Museum of Natural History.

I received my Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from the City University of New York, based in the Carnaval Lab at City College. 


My research investigates the historical processes and ecological mechanisms that drive spatial patterns of diversity at different depths of the tree of life. I study how tropical (and subtropical) lizards of the subfamily Gymnophthalminae (family: Gymnophthalmidae) respond to environmental shifts across space and time. 


I'm particularly interested in the insights we can gain from integrating many types of data and analyses. In my work, I combine phylogeographic and landscape genetic data, thermophysiology, morphology, remote sensing and microhabitat temperature data to better understand how the environment in the past has influenced the genetic and functional patterns we see today.

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