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Recent Work

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Assistant Director, Science Research Experiences

2022 - present

My focus is mentored youth science research experiences at the American Museum of Natural History. I oversee the teams that run the Science Research Mentoring Program and the Science Research Mentoring Consortium,, providing mentored research experiences to over 500 youth every year. 

Senior Manager, Youth Initiatives
American Museum of Natural History

2021 - 2022

As Senior Manager, I led the Museum's two flagship education program: the Science Research Mentoring Program and the Lang Science Program. A key part of my focus was to create systems that allow us to align our actions with our values. I worked on equitable recruitment, build relationships with students and families, guide educators and mentors, and supervise staff, all starting from a foundation of clear values and expectations.

Manager, Science Research Mentoring Program
American Museum of Natural History

High school students work alongside research scientists in this program. I led SRMP with a focus on strengthening the relationships between students and their mentors and creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment.  while leading all aspects of the program: student and mentor recruitment, overseeing curriculum, professional development for mentors, budget management, and building partnerships across departments and institutions.


Adjunct Assistant Professor
Columbia University

2021 - present

Through lectures, interactive lessons, and one-on-one feedback, I guide students from Columbia University and Barnard College through the process of generating a senior thesis writing. My students work on projects across the environmental sciences: ecology, evolution, geology, environmental health, sustainable development, and more.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
City College of New York

What is ecology? What is evolution? How do they impact each other? I reformatted and taught this upper level Ecology and  Evolutionary Biology course in a flipped-classroom format, with recorded lectures and interactive class activities.


Talking about Outreach

November 2021

What Can You Be With a PhD?

Invited Panelist: Careers in Science Outreach and Informal Education

If your interest in science started with a desire to save the world, Science Outreach might be the most urgently needed way to make that goal a reality. Science outreach careers bring science to the public in many settings. This is the panel for you if you love mentoring people in your lab and the desire to communicate your science to nonscientists.

March 2021

Alumni Aloud:

Podcast Episode from Invited Panel: Careers in Science Communication & Outreach

In this episode of Alumni Aloud, our panelists tell us about how to incorporate outreach experiences into PhD life, the importance of continuously expanding your colleague, mentor and job search networks, and the translatable strategic planning skills PhD students have.

Experience: Experience

Academic Experience

Doctor of Philosophy; 
Graduate Center City University Of New York

I combined phylogeographic and landscape genetic data, thermophysiology, morphology, remote sensing and microhabitat temperature data to understand how the environment in the past has influenced the genetic and functional patterns we see today, focusing on Gymnopthalminae lizards in Brazil.


Bachelors of Science;
University of Rochester

At U of R, I majored in Ecology and Evolution and minored in Cultural Anthropology. I also completed a "cluster" in Philosophy.


Experience: Education
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