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Mentorship is what makes science work. Person-focused mentorship allows mentors and students to connect as individuals with multiple interests, strengths, and challenges. Helping scientists learn to mentor effectively and compassionately also directly shapes the field of science, creating a more accessible, inclusive STEM landscape.


Teaching at City College of New York, Columbia University, and the American Museum of Natural History: what do students connect with. bring mentorship philosophy to classroom environments; learn through doing

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Youth Development

creating programs and internships that put youth development needs at the center; creating a sense of belonging; building ownership of work and ideas; trusting relationships with peers and adults. respect for students and all the strengths, challenges, and motivations they bring to the classroom, the lab bench, and the relationships they foster.

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Equity in Science

diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility -  in how programs are designed, how students are recruited, and how we work with youth and colleagues. with colleagues at AMNH, built a curriculum to discuss these topics with youth explicitly

Create recruitment and admissions practices through which youth feel valued during the full process. 

meaningful partnerships with schools and community based organizations

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